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Fokske 11.jpeg

Madrid, 2017

Valencia, 2016

aline004 copy.jpg

Madrid, 2017


Madrid, 2018


Madrid, 2017

zomer '16 11.jpeg

Lyon, 2016

zomer '16 20.jpeg



Madrid, 2017

aline005 copy.jpg

Madrid, 2017


Madrid, 2017



aline007 copy.jpg

Madrid, 2017

The series ‘Around’ shows notions of living (together). An intimate approach towards the individual who is part of a broader, communal context. The shared public space where traces of coexistence manifest themselves, within its regulated constraints. The focus on the human body, which symbolizes life, takes on meaning as a timeless being in a fleeting world. By placing close ups of body parts in this broader context, the viewer’s interpretation of the entire series shifts and slows down. 


The title of the series can be interpreted literally as in wandering from one place to another. On the other hand, it is in a way about how I as a person arrive somewhere, observe, and leave. And the photos that are the traces, remembrance of it. “(Being) around” indicates to be in motion rather than to stay in one place. The holiday atmosphere suggests that it is a snapshot, a moment that has passed, and that I look back on it as a faded memory. This is reinforced by a sensitive elaboration of the photos: analog images of which the printing material remains strongly present. As if they are part of a family photo album and thus evoke a feeling of nostalgia. 

©Aline Kraus

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